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Music is business like any other

A Musician is a business person or an entrepreneur like any other.
How to start a business.
1. Do your research about the kind of business you would like to start [ Musician] Do a research about the kind of genre you would like to sing
2. Business Name [Musician] Stage name
3. Register your business [ Musician] Register your works with all music organisation in your country.
4 . Business plan [ Musician] Marketing plan or strategy.
5. Choose a Location [Musician] Choose an audience, for instance if you sing Zulu music that will be for the black audience, but English is international .
6. make a quality product [Musician] Record quality Music and Music Video
7. create Social Accounts for your Business( Music) Keep your social accounts updated.
8. Hire another graphic design company to design your professional artwork and also get you music stories to blogs and news papers
9. Sell you product and make profit [ get your music to radio, TV, Pubs, restaurants and make royalties] get an online store distributor as well as a physical retail store to sell your music.
10. Enjoy your money
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